Mar 27, 2012

Work Work Work!!

I have been incredibly busy since the start of the year.  Probably more productive then I have been at any other time in my life.  I also cast my net wide, looking for new locations to show my work, opportunities to be in group shows, etc.  I get a lot of rejections, but in that mix I also get acceptances.  I don't mind the rejections.  It helps to toughen me up.

Amongst the recent acceptances:

To be in group show entitled "Myth" at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco

To be part of this online website entitled "Illville Hotel".  It's the facade of a hotel building, and artists from across the world get to create a hotel room of their choosing.

The inclusion of my drawing "Architeuthis Ursidae" in the Whitefish Review, a literary journal.  They received 200 pieces of artwork for their sixteen page spread.

These are all small victories, but I am happy nonetheless.

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