Illustrations/ Commissions

Eight new Seed Packet Designs for Native Ideals Seed Farm!

Family Portrait Commission and potential CD Cover
The Sower (Commission based on a Thomas Hart Benton Painting), Pen and Marker on Paper, 18" x 24"
Allee and Josh, Wedding Portrait
Jane Austen Card Design
406 T-Shirt Design
Monkey and Snake Illustration 
Traffic Signal Box Public Artwork, Depicting the Missoula Flood of 1908
Poster Design for the Bare as you Dare Ride

Ciara and Tony Wedding Invitation
Ciara and Tony Thank You Card
Marley and Matthew Anniversary Commission Drawing
Gertrude Stein Card Design
Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) Card Design
Mina Loy Card Design
Virginia Woolf Card Design
Afoot and Light-Hearted T-Shirt Design
Bare as you Dare Bike Ride Poster Design
Monkey Monkey Illustration
Time Machine Commission Portrait, Pen and Marker on Paper, 20" x 20"

Carnivores Classic Poster BBQ Competition Poster Design

Mantodea and Flora Skateboard 
Katie and Max Commission Portrait, Pen and Marker on Paper, 18" x 24"

An Illustration for the Living Arts of Montana Annual Auction.
Poster Illustration for Le Cenerentola, for Intermountain Opera Bozeman.

Six Bookmark Designs for Shakespeare and Co. All famous Parisians.
T-Shirt Design for Zootown Arts Community Center.

Graphic Illustration for the Comix Issue of the Missoula Independent.

Map and Legend for the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Logo Design for Burn Street Bistro's Food truck "Beastro".
Salome, Olive and Selah, Portrait Commission, Pen and Marker on paper, 16" x 20"

The Top Hat Lounge Lil' Smokies Concert Poster
the Top Hat Lounge Lil' Smokies Concert Ticket

Bobcat T-shirt Design

hunters "Treeline" album cover 
Wind Before Wolf band logo
Holiday Card Designs
Le Sovaj Portrait, Pen and Marker on Paper, 11" x 14"
Archie, Pen and Marker on Paper, 11" x 14"
Wedding Thank you Card

David Lynch Inspired Tattoo Commission
Christine and Kyle Portrait Commission 
Cuts of Meat Commission, 18"x 24", Pen on Paper
Jena and Bobby Wedding Commission 
Fly Tie Commission
Kale Leaf tattoo design 
Guernica commission
Wedding Invitation

Public Safety Department at Missoula International Airport T-Shirt Design
Holiday MADE Fair 2012 Poster Design
Summer Missoula MADE Fair Poster Design 2013

4Ravens Gallery Gift Certificate, Original SOLD
Lola and Mijo, Private Commission SOLD
Robert Burns Portrait, Pen and MArker on Paper, 4' x 4', Commission for Burns Street Bistro

Scandinavian Yule Goat, Sold
Lady Scars, Magazine Illustration
Memorial Drawing, SOLD
The Great Gatsby

Shakespeare and Co. Bookmark Design, "Parisian Cafe" 
Shakespeare and Co. Bookmark Design, "Notre Dame"
Shakespeare and Co. Bookmark Design, "La Seine" 
Shakespeare and Co. Bookmark Design, "Parisian Park"
Shakespeare and Co. Bookmark Design, "Le Docks"
Shakespeare and Co. Bookmark Design, "Parisian Streets"
Wind Before Wolf CD Cover Design
Private Commission
Private Commission

Private Commission
Private Commission

Bitterroot Seed Packet Design 
Blue Camas Seed Packet Design
Cushion Buckwheat Seed Packet Design
Field Cerastium Seed Packet Design 
Fuzzytongue Penstemon Seed Packet Design
Houndstooth Groundsel Seed Packet Design
Procerus Penstemon Seed Packet Design 
Rocky Mountain Beeplant Seed Packet Design
Rosy Pussytoes Seed Packet Design
Shooting Star Seed Packet Design
Wilcox Penstemon Seed Packet Design
Yellowbells Seed Packet Design
Shakespeare and Co. Store Postcard

Vanilla Label Commission
Seaton Family Christmas Portrait Commission
Dig this Chick Logo
Elodie and Tilly Commission
Beebalm Seed Packet Design
Blanketflower Seed Packet Design
Cutleaf Daisy Seed Packet Design
Deerhorn Clarkia Seed Packet Design
Hairy Evening Primrose Seed Packet Design
Hairy False Golden Aster Seed Packet Design
Harebells Seed Packet Design
Holboell's Rockcress Seed Packet Design
Lanceleaf Daisy Seed Packet Design
Penstemon Seed Packet Design
Scarlet Gilia Seed Packet Design
Western Yarrow Seed Packet Design
Crime in the Madhouse Poster
Jim Harrison Portrait Illustration
Maynard and Bebe Portrait Commission  SOLD
Deer Resistant Seed Packet Design
Low Maintenance Seed Packet Design
Pollinator Seed Packet Design
Rock Garden Seed Packet Design
Woman Hiking Alone Magazine Illustration
Winnie and Rosie Private Commission SOLD
Raptor Tattoo Design  SOLD
Totem Pole Illustration for Summer MADE Fair 2012
Butter Kitten Card design
Hello Rabbit! Card design

Moon Darling Card Design
Hazel's Bitches T-Shirt Design
Sugar the Dog Commission Portrait
                      Private Commission

Sea-Horse Illustration
The Monkey and the Dolphin Skateboard commission
The Monster in my Soda Skateboard Commission
Shakespeare and Company Bookmark Design
Notre Dame Bookmark Design
Jardin du Luxembourg
Caveau de la Huchette
Little Umbrella Girl and the Storm

Little Lady and her Chicken  SOLD

Little Bird Girl and her Eggs  SOLD

Little Diver Girl and the Fishes

Little Princess and her Bug

Little Muffin Girl and the Devil

Little Baker Girl and The Beast SOLD

Little Sleepy Girl and The Cherub Dog Pin Up Girl
Missoula Bear  SOLD
Dream Pitfall, for the Atari Aesthetic Show
Happy Hipster Holiday Card Design

Unicornucopia Card Design
Wild Space Private Commission
Griffin Private Commission

Three Dog Portrait Private Commission
Holiday MADE Fair 2012

Holiday MADE Fair Poster 2011

Summer MADE Fair Poster 2011

Homeschool Logo Design

The Magic Flute Opera Poster

Dori Family Private Commission

Love in the Time of Cholera Bookmark Design
Burns St. Bistro Ram Logo Design

Metamorphosis Bookmark Design

The Big Sleep Bookmark Design
Gravity's Rainbow Bookmark Design
John Waters Quote Tee Shirt Design
Dracula Bookmark Design
Moby Dick Bookmark Design
Secret Garden Bookmark Design
Wedding Invitation Design

Wedding Menu Card Design

Wedding Please Take One Card Design

Wedding RSVP Design

Wedding Table Card Design

Rigoletto Opera Poster

The Marriage of Figaro Opera Poster

Hear more Here Radio Station Logo Design

CutBank Literary Magazine Cover Illustration

Elkicorn Tee Shirt Design

Wuthering Heights Bookmark Design
Befreit Private Commission
Making Nice with Vice Burlesque Show Poster

Buffalo jumping over the Moon Tattoo Design

Buffalo Skull Tattoo Design

Fruit Bat Comic

Light Saber Mountain Goat Private Commission

Team Hazilla Tee Shirt Design

Independent Cover Design

Robin Tattoo Design

Wolf Hearted, Dog Lungs Private Commission
Madame Butterfly Opera Poster
DIY Bazaar Poster Design
Real Men Magazine Illustration
On the Wind Magazine Illustration

Lesson in Balance Magazine Illustration
The Grind Magazine Illustration
River Girls Magazine Illustration
Foxy Card Design